Fringe Memories - 1992

Malcolm Blaylock's 1992 Memories

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Malcolm Blaylock was the Director of the 1992 Adelaide Fringe. His memories of that year were...

Fringe Poster launch, by Paul Keating where he revealed the poster by painting it on a huge slab of perspex. He was at that time, between leadership challenges to Bob Hawke, and therefore a politician “on the fringe”. For me, still rates as the most remarkable and memorable launch of anything, ever.

Program launch with Stomp making a forceful and first appearance in Australia.

The Star Club, thanks to John Pinder, bursts onto the scene.

Bob Dylan sneaks through the back entrance of the Star Club, past an appalling Fringe temporary toilet block, to see Stomp.

The Fringe courtyard gets a makeover with a canopy of fringe flags and banners and the beautiful market umbrellas painted and screen printed by indigenous artists from central and northern Australia. The centre piece was a huge gas flame atop a telecommunications tower visible from St Vincent’s Gulf.

Introduction of Port on the Fringe and Southern Fringe.

Memorable productions – Stomp, Found Objects, Sue Anne Post, The Sydney Front’s Don Juan, Storming Glenelg by Tram and the Aboriginal and Islander Dance Theatre.

Inaugural Australian International Workshop Festival, held over two weeks in April, in which twelve of the world’s most dynamic creators of theatre conducted a series of master classes, workshops and forums attended by two hundred Australian artists. Highlights- Jaques Lecoq, Zophia Kalinska, Lloyd Newson, DV8


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