Fringe Memories - 1992

Yve Repin 1992 Memories

added by rahult on 4:21 AM, September 04, 2009

Yve Repin was Chair of the 1992 Adelaide Fringe Board and recalls the following:

Paul Keating being brought in from the fringe (otherwise known as the back bench) to launch our poster.

The Lion Arts Centre: its construction and official opening by The Queen!  Most staff refused to meet and greet her for political reasons, leaving it to us Board members (and one compliant staff member with a sense of irony) to do the honours.

Introducing strong Aboriginal representation onto the Fringe Board, thus increasing Aboriginal participation in Fringe festivals.

Introducing a strong corporate sector presence onto the Fringe Board, thus increasing our visibility at the big end of town (where the dollars are).

Brilliant leadership of Malcolm Blaylock in progressing the quality and quantity of the Adelaide Festival Fringe.


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