The 1992 Adelaide Fringe was held from 21 February - 22 March.

The period 1992-93 was one of tremendous change for Focus: Adelaide Festival Fringe.

The organisation moved to adopt a new name – Adelaide Fringe; a new rationale – to broaden the role of the organisation; and produced the most successful Fringe Festival in its 32 year history.

The Fringe took on a snappy new image in 1992. The completion of the Lion Arts Centre, the Star Club project and the courtyard facility all contributed to a greater percentage of Adelaide's festival-going members of the public being firmly fixed on North Terrace west!

This Festival was highlighted as 'The Affordable Festival'.

Key Highlights from the 1992 Adelaide Fringe:

The festival attracted over 3,000 individual artists who presented 250 performances and exhibitions.

Direct audience attendances were in excess of 425,000 people, largely in the 18 – 45 age group.

The Star Club presented over 70 performances by the best of Australian and international cabaret artists.

There was a frenzy of activity with the heaviest level of use of the theatre in the history of the Fringe -upward of five different shows per day!

Additional customer services proved fundamental to the success of the marketing strategy including on site Austickets Box Office (7 days), on site Information Service (7 days) and Merchandising.

The Australian International Workshop Festival (held in alternate years to the Fringe) brought together over 200 Australian performing arts practitioners to attend masterclasses in 1991.

Extracted from Acting Directors' (Keith Tucker & Jill Berry) Report for the Annual General Meeting on Monday 21 September
1992 Fringe Guide

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