Fringe Sponsors

ADS Channel 7, TV Advertising
Double SA FM, Radio Advertising
Telecom Australia, Fringe Club
Australian National, Travel Assistance
ANZ Bank, Fringe Community Day
Sunday Mail, 1982 Fringe Program
Granting Bodies
S.A. Department for the Arts
Australia Council - Community Arts Board
Adelaide Festival of Arts Inc.
Youth Performing Arts Council
Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust
S.A. College of Arts & Education
S.A. Museum
Community Improvement Through Youth
Association of Community Theatres
S.A. Tourist Centre
S.A.l.T  - Grad. Dip. Business Admin (Arts)
Salisbury C.A.E, Recreation Course
Corporation of the City of Adelaide
IBM Australia, Pro Hart
Lea Buring Wines, Tynte Gallery
The Prospector's Dish, Donors

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