Fringe Memories - 1994

Malcolm Blaylock's 1994 memory

added by rahult on 6:03 AM, September 04, 2009

Malcolm Blaylock was the Director of the 1994 Adelaide Fringe. His memories of that year were...

A poster launch with H.G Nelson and Rod Quantock and two giant posters that covered the entire front of the Lion Building.

A program launch with Premier Dean Brown wearing a leopard skin jacket.

An expansion of the Fringe courtyard to include the Fringe Backyard which became the very successful home of the Three Canadians.

The gas flame at the top of the communications tower became a much more environmentally friendly Red Star.

The fringe version of fine dining was introduced to the courtyard with Bijou Around the Block.

Indigenous program expands and gains significant recognition.

A larger theatre program with some highlights being: the Legs on the Wall production of All of Me, Emily Woof in Sex 111 and Revolver, Sidetrack’s Heaven. Compagnie Fiat Lux in Garcon un Kir and Mad Love’s production of The 111Eyes of Dr.Mabuse.

Other memorable shows were The Tokyo Shock Boys, Karen Finley, Earl Okin, Roger McGough and the very weird Del Rubio Triplets.

Storm clouds loom with plans by the University of SA to redevelop the site.

The 2nd Australian International Workshop Festival. Highlights – Augusto Boal (Brazil), Monika Pagneux (France), Robert Sturua (Georgia), Akaji Maro (Japan).


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