The 1986 Fringe was held from 21 February - 23 March.

In 1986, the Fringe became a four week Festival and showcased over 230 events. It was billed as 'Our Biggest Fringe Yet'.

In the lead up to the 1986 festival, the Fringe Board embarked on a substantial review of the Fringe, its purposes, direction and its function in the South Australian Community. After much consideration and consultation, certain areas were identified where the Board felt that work was needed to enable parts of the community, that may have been historically denied, full and equal access to the Arts. These changes were reflected in the 1986 Fringe and in future Fringes.

During 1985/86, the Living Arts Centre (LAC) concept moved closer to reality. From the makeshift space of the 1984 Fringe the LAC venues were transformed into an inviting theatre complex including a courtyard serving tasty Spanish food.

1986 Fringe Highlights:

There were 97 Fringe workers working on this Fringe – but only three full time staff.

The Opening Night Party moved to the East End of Rundle Street and incorporated over Fringe acts promoting their events (see Fringe sets Rundle St alight).

A Lark in the Park, a Fringe event which began in 1980, became known as Larks In The Parks and continued to grow in the outer metropolitan areas.

An extensive education program of performances and workshops by some of the best theatre companies working in Theatre-In-Education and Community Theatre around Australia.

A 1986 Fringe Film Week – A festival of recent independently produced Australian Film and Video was produced. There were specially programmed youth screenings and a Fringe Film Week Education Program.

An innovation for 1986 was the Performers Forum titled 'Fringe Whinge' held on 16 March. It was a good idea but wasn't publicised well and did not provide represent the entire Fringe performing arts scene by any means!

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