Adelaide Fringe 1996 was held from 23 February - 17 March.

This year saw a new Artistic Director - Barbara Allen-Wolke and it also saw the Fringe on the move yet again to the East End of Adelaide.
This year's Fringe focus, for the first time, was around the city's East End, right next to the East Parklands and only a short stroll from some of Adelaide's most famous landmarks and tourist attractions.
However, this Fringe Festival wasn't only in the East End - but also in over 180 other places scattered across the city and suburbs will housed all kinds of Fringe activities.

It was clear from the international interest in the 1996 Adelaide Fringe Festival that was becoming and event with  international and Australian cultural significance.

"All acts and cultural events have been developed with commitment and struggle by independent artists and arts organisations. Whether Australian or international, they combine here in Adelaide to remind us all that the human spirit lives and expresses itself strongly through popular culture and the arts", Barbara Allen Wolke, Artistic Director.
Key Highlights from the 1996 Fringe:

An extraordinary indigenous arts framework with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts program.

A fantastic gathering of dance and drama companies; comedy/cabaret from stand-up to Rudy Coby's bizarre magic show (viewed by many as the best in the world).

A wild music expansion with the first ever Fringe Live in the Park.

The Fringe Guide increased to 80 pages and listed 182 venues hosting a Fringe event.

The Opening Night Street Parade and Party was held from 6pm Friday 23 February, East End.

1996 Fringe Guide
1996 Adelaide Fringe Festival Statistics

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