Fringe Staff

Peter Tregilgas Administrator

Rosemary Miller Publicity and Projects Officer
Susan Currie Administration Assistant and Office Manager
Sarah Russell Box Office
Norma Moyle, Elizabeth Russell, Anja Veldkamp Clerical
Rod Gamlin, Imelda Rivers Community Activities
Carolyn Bishop, Virginia Pattingale Education
Ian Keightley Film Festival
Wayne Anthoney, Lenny Kovner Fringe School
Diana Kidd Fund Raising
Martin Koehn Graphics
Rosemary Miller, Sam Harvey Publicity
Geoff Tanner, Carmen Galan, ADS7 TV Ad
Neville Sloss Sponsorship
Maxine le Guier Venues and Production
Mark Paterson, Richard Martin, Jeff Marr Video Project
Vivonne Thwaites, Peter Backhouse Visual Arts
Bobbie Hodge Volunteer Co-ordinator
Fringe Centre
Steve Grieve Architect
Michael Wilkinson Site Supervisor
Nick Vadasz Finance Officer
Tertius, Craig Franklin Artists
Theatre/Visual Arts Workers
Colin Best
Margaret Fisher
Paul Taylor
Peter Backhouse
Joe lguanez
Construction Workers
Jack Goode, Emilyn Staple, Ron Dayman,
Andrew Bartifuoco, Mark Thomas, David
Frampton, David Gaston, Wayne Parker.

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