Events - 1996

Wadaiko Ichiro

Music Theatre
Presented by: Wadaiko Ichiro
At: Star Club
East End Markets, Charlicks Entrance, Rundle St, East End

STOMP + THE TOKYO SHOCK BOYS = THE DEMON DRUMMERS OF JAPAN Beware an aural assault that shifts from subtle syncopation and tranquil melodies to a barrage of beats. These samurais of swing are revolutionising traditional Japanese drumming, dragging it into the 21st Century, "as close to a pop troupe as a group of drummers get" - The Independent. The Wadaiko Ichiro Drummers combine the 1500 year old history of Japanese percussion with the entertainment values of today for a mesmerising mix of spontaneity, smashing and skill on the skins. "Not to be missed on any account" - The Independent, "Exhilarating" - Sunday Times, "Audience demanded four encores"- The Independent.

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