Events - 1998


Physical Theatre
At: Rymill Park
East Tce, Adelaide

CINDERELLA: Poor Cinders sits, sad and forlorn, unable to go to the Ball. But all is not lost! ...A new interpretation of the age-old classic by London's premier children's circus. Street theatre at its most innovative. Free family entertainment. "...magical and refreshing..." THE SCOTSMAN. Albert & Friends Instant Circus is the largest Children's Circus Theatre Troupe in the United Kingdom with an impressive repertoire of shows and appearances. Appearances have included: The Royal Albert Hall; 3 years at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Macy's 70th Anniversary Parade, New York 1996; International Youth Theatre and Circus Festival, Hamburg 1997 and European Cultural Festival Ljubljana 1997. Television appearances include many for BBC, ITV, Cable and The Disney Channel. FREE CONCERTS

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