Events - 1998


Presented by: Cargo Club
At: Cargo Club
213 Hindley St, Adelaide

The West End of Adelaide is not only famous for the original site of the Fringe Festival, but also for the internationally acclaimed Cargo Club and Cafe. Cargo has always had a strong jazz background. On Monday nights it has "Beatroute", a live spoken-word and poetry evening which features local and interstate writers and also hosts a variety of jazz acts with a strong, unique edge. Beatroute was established in 1995 and has enjoyed a constant growth in popularity since. Beatroute's hosts and coordinators are poet Shaggy Doo Beats (aka Charles Crompton) and DJ Rautie (Renata Capoccia). For more information, or just to get up and have a read, call them on Monday night from 8:00pm or just drop in at The Cargo Club, - tel: 8231 2327.

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