Events - 2011

Arj Barker (USA) - Eleven

Presented by: MARY TOBIN PRESENTS...
At: Arts Theatre
53 Angas St, Adelaide


SOMETIMES 10 JUST ISN_x0019_ T ENOUGH. Arj Barker returns to the shores of Australia (although we_x0019_ re not positive he ever left) with his new show, featuring an hour of the inventive stand-up comedy for which he is known and loved. Join Arj as he fearlessly tackles 11 of the most controversial topics around, including 3D movies, Death, Google Maps and prawns. If you_x0019_ ve seen him before, you know you won_x0019_ t be disappointed. If you haven_x0019_ t seen him yet? It_x0019_ s cool. You_x0019_ re probably just super busy, with work and stuff... _x001C_ it_x0019_ s comedians like Arj that make the Festival so worthwhile_x001D_ Beat Magazine, Melbourne 2010|-arj-barker.html

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