Events - 2011

Jay Hoad Band

At: Crown & Sceptre Hotel
308 King William Street, Adelaide


World traveler Jay Hoad will be back in Australia with his 6 piece band and beautiful belly dancer for their third Fringe in a row. Since last Fringe Jay has been busy touring Canada, North America, Fiji and the Caribbean performing as a solo artist as well as with the full band. Jay has also recorded a new album that is being released at the beginning of the Fringe Festival. This year Jay will be performing on Didgeridoo, Dulcimer, Lap-steel Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Resonator Guitar, Percussion, Stomp Boxes, Loops, Harmonica and Percussion. The band will be performing many of the tracks from the new album as well as a few of the oldies. The new album "Windy Creek" feature's many fellow Fringe artist's that Jay has performed with around the globe including Adam Page, Chris Finnen, Jim Miller, Steve Brown and Ria Loof. The album pushes the boundaries, combining unusual instrumentation and music genres to create a very thought provoking and powerful record. Jay is also doing a run of solo "one man band" shows around the main band events so be sure to check out for all the details. Unfortunately Jay will only be here for the first few weeks of the Fringe as he is off to tour South Africa in early March so be sure to book early. Jay is very excited to be performing back in his home town of Radelaide for Fringe 2011 and this is the last shows the band will be performing in Australia until the end of the year... Don't miss out!

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