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SPOKE Word Festival

Presented by: 2012 SPOKE CREW


A full five days of FREE and affordable events for lovers of writing and creativity. SPOKE gives it up! Calling wordsmiths to present their ideas in three minutes or less, SPOKE_x0019_ s popular open mic session is happening over three evenings, each with their own theme. Thursday, March 15 champions activism. Friday, March 16 is all about talk. Saturday, March 17 celebrates entertainment. So, take a turn at the microphone between 6pm and 7pm and let us hear your wit, wisdom or whimsy. Magnificent MC, Jeanne Hurrell, will take your registrations from 5pm on the night. Involve + Multitask + Participate + Activate + Collaborate + Talk = IMPACT Should writers really be seen and not heard or herd(ed) by the unseen? If the personal is political does that mean everything you write is a political act? Is there any such thing as freedom of speech? Is talk still cheap? Who makes the decisions when it comes to censorship? Broadcaster and social commentator David Jobling hosts a collection of very special guests as they explore current trends in activism. The _x0018_ Making Improetry Workshop' (starts at 6.30pm). Hosted by the gorgeously appointed Jenny Toune: Following on from the wonderful experience shared by participants in 2011, SPOKE 2012 'Slams it again'; after giving you a very special taste test with two of improvised poetry's most enthusiastic tutors - Teri Louise Kelly and Daniel Watson - who will take you through the paces of an improvised poetry slam - teach you the rules and mop your drools up as you expand your mind by taking on the challenge. You'll be taught how to think on your feet and slam out magnificent musings on random offerings from your peers, or at the very least to ramble on incoherently for forty seconds while your mind does backflips as the audience cries. Amazing cash prizes afforded in the Poetry Improv Slam later in the day. You have to be in this to win this - and it's not impossible, just incredibly challenging. Date/Time: Sat 17th 9.30am _x0013_ 11.00am Open a can of words, empty it into dance/acting & cook up a performance storm. For writers: exploring new ways of working with your poetry/words For dancers, actors: becoming part of the word performance by collaboration, interpretation, expansion and experimentation I would need poets/writers and dancers, actors interested in collaborating to produce a short (up to 5 minute) performance piece. NB: Don_x0019_ t put out any more calls for writers as they_x0019_ re lining up to get in on this, so all I_x0019_ ll need are the dancers & actors (TAFE 2nd & 3rd yr students?) During the workshop we will partner up & explore different interpretive methods, then rehearse & polish each piece up to performance level.

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