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The Will (cancelled)



The Will takes the audience along an explorative journey of emotion, and reveals how one word, 'chance', makes the world of difference. Inspired by the words and photographic intellect of Edouard Boubat, The Will questions existentialism, life after death, the power behind life's moments, and of course, everything in-between. It delves into the world of the human condition and the languages of love; the psyche, and the effects one can have on another, even with the briefest of encounters. This story is as much about Jack as it is about the experiences of his family and friends. It reveals the intricacies of relationships, through Jack's best mate Robbie and his girlfriend Ann, as well as the unforeseen expressions grief takes form in, when a family of four becomes a one of three. To Jack words seem almost incomprehensible, and for his world to change in his last moments, he almost couldn't stand it. So, with that, he leaves his loved ones with what he can; his unexposed photo canisters with a lifetime of photographs in his fridge, and a video farewell. But how does this decision complicate and affect his relationship with those around him? And how does a chance encounter with an old fling, Judy and the series of events that follow turns Jacks world upside down again, when he least expects it?

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