Events - 2012

Danny Stinson's "Confessions Of A Psych Nurse"

Presented by: DANNY STINSON
At: Exeter Hotel
248 Rundle St, Adelaide


Ever feel like you_x0019_ re hitch hiking along the road of life? Wandering aimlessly through a routine of drab colourless existence? Then stick out your thumb, pack up your troubles and come on a journey into the mind of a man who has spent over a decade in the business of caring for the worlds mentally ill. In Danny Stinson_x0019_ s: _x001C_ Confessions Of A Psych Nurse_x001D_ , Danny takes your hand and escorts you through a journey of rapid fire jokes and narrative tales highlighting the best and worst human nature has to offer. His off colour humour and observational wit will have you simultaneously howling and cringing as he delivers a self styled lecture on life, love and family, in the manner that only an actual Psychiatric Nurse can. All ticket sales from all shows will be donated between charities helping Adelaides mental illness and homeless communities.

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