Events - 2012

A Forest Of Flutes

Presented by: CONTRAIRE TRIO
At: Pilgrim Church
12 Flinders St, Adelaide


ContrAire Trio comprises flautists Kerryn Schofield and Julie Todd with Sachiko Hidaka at the piano. Our specialty is the music for the larger members of the flute family, the Alto, Bass and Contrabass. However, the whole family from the piccolo up is represented in 'A Forest of Flutes'. We have put together music we love, for you to share. Much of it is new, as these flutes are relatively new themselves. Some of the music we plan to bring you this year will include, Elena Kats-Chernin_x0019_ s sweet and haunting "Eliza_x0019_ s Aria", Ross Edwards_x0019_ energetic and spikey "Ulpirra", Ian Clarke_x0019_ s breathtaking "Maya", Houston Dunleavy_x0019_ s quirky and playful "Clumsy Duos", Mike Mower_x0019_ s Jazzy and mellow "Two Sonnets", low flute duets from Jon Cohen's "Just below the Rainbow" and Adrienne Albert_x0019_ s Melodious and luscious "Three For Two". Some of these works will be premier performances for Adelaide. Kerryn has played and taught in many fields of music over the years. She has recorded and performed live in widely varied styles locally nationally and internationally. She is the leading force in numerous music groups including the Adelaide Flute Quartet, Eliza Tones Flute Ensemble and Uraidla Concert Band. Julie is a teacher, pianist and big flute fancier who has also played internationally and shares time in the Adelaide Flute Quartet and Eliza Tones Ensemble with Kerryn. Sachiko is a superb pianist and accompanist with a busy career, she never flinches at the varied demands we throw her way. The beautiful Pilgrim Church will provide a superb setting for the energetic, eerie, quirky and magnificent melodies we will bring you. Join us as we tour the world with music for the unexpectedly gentle and graceful giants of the flute family.

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