Events - 2012

2012 TheatreSports(TM) Clash of the Theatre Titans

Presented by: IMPRO NOW!


Clash of the Theatre Titans has SOLD OUT since its inception in 2004. So why do we all keep coming back? It's not because you get to sample a smorgasbord of the Fringe_x0019_ s best improvisers from around the world before buying tickets. It's not because every show is so completely different, with different players, different games and different audience suggestions. It's not because you the audience has the power to decide who wins and loses. It's not so you can boo the Hanging Judge. And it's not because it's so bloody funny. It's because the performers are daring to fail, in front of hundreds of paying spectators. Imagine yourself taking that stage to entertain a packed house, with no idea what you were going to do or say. But that's just what they do and do it brilliantly. And the most amazing thing is, on the rare occasion that they do fail, they love it and so do we, and that's TheatreSports(TM). Each night teams compete for the "Theatre Titans Cup" by acting out scenes made up on the spot, based on audience suggestions and following the rules of novelty games. Like you see in _x001C_ Who_x0019_ s Line Is It Anyway_x001D_ . These games may require the scenes to be performed: Backwards. in different genres, with different emotions, using different accents, in mime, as a song, as a dance, in gibberish (a made up language), using someone else's hands, etc, etc, etc The judges score each scene, and so does the audience via the clap-o-meter. The Hanging Judge incurs the audience's wrath by low scoring and throwing teams they deem unworthy off the stage. And the highlight?... When offstage players join their opponent's scene and the ensuing chaos has everyone in stitches. This isn't theatre, it's a cultural institution! THEATRESPORTS(TM). Come see for yourself.

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