Events - 2013

No Place Like Home at Carrick Hill

Children's Events
Presented by: ON THE FLY IMPRO
At: Carrick Hill
46 Carrick Hill Drive, Springfield


Kryztoff review: Last year, I took my kids to see Fairies are Saving The Planet, a prequel by On the Fly Impro featuring, amongst other characters, the gorgeous, naive – and smelly – Windy the Wombat. This is an absolutely enchanting show. Windy’s desire to be in The City sees the young wombat run away and encounter all manner of dangers and misfortune for which he is not prepared and which quickly make him wish that he was back in the bush with his family and friends. From a parent’s perspective this is pretty much the perfect show – imaginative, simple, with strong messages for young children and using skilful and highly entertaining characterisation. The talented cast of three performers belies the number of characters which are on show. Particular kudos to Jarrad Parker’s smarmy, sarcastic alleycat, Teresa de Gennaro’s excitable but devious poodle and of course Melissa Eccleston as Windy. If you have young kids, make this a show that you see during the Fringe – and take in the beautiful surroundings of Carrick Hill. ‘I loved every single bit so much’ – Anais, 4 years old 4.5K

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