Events - 2013

Syntony - Live Inductive Resonance

Presented by: ??SACRED RESONANCE


SYNTONY Live Inductive Resonance RiAUS- 'The Thinking Space' Gluttony - The Bally 'Dome' Presented by Sacred Resonance (Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt) This is presented in two unique venues, whereby one can experience this show in an immersive settings, fused with multi-channel surround sound creating inductive resonance coordinated for the body and mind. Unfold your mind through live sacred geometric sound-scapes and immersive visual cosmograms, coloring ones inner consciousness. Experience the coordination of resonance patterns of body-mind linkage, fractal patterns of supernature as you journey through eastern and western metaphysical themes. You will experience actual frequency patterns of the ancient pyramids of Mexico and feel the connections with the greater starry worlds. Open to the inductive ‘Syntony’ of the inner worlds !

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