Events - 2013

Dungeon Crawl

Presented by: SHAOLIN PUNK


Enter the dungeon. Kill the monsters. Take their stuff. That's the dungeon crawl. Sounds easy - unless the fighter is more of a lover, the senile wizard can't remember where he put his pants let alone his spellbook and the thief has decided its far easier to steal from a bunch of stupid adventurers than a dragon... Dungeon Masters Ben McKenzie and Richard McKenzie (no relation) bring the monthly cult hit Melbourne D&D show to Adelaide for the first time, as the hottest improvisers, comedians and other special guests from across the Fringe fight, sneak and possibly dance their way through a fantasy adventure in which nothing is certain but danger, magic and cheap props. Dungeon Crawl is half role-playing game, half fantasy sit-com – but all about killing monsters and taking their stuff! 'comedy impro at its finest' - My Town, Melbourne 'unpredictable, hilarious and ever-so-slightly nerdtacular ... It’s hard to compare Dungeon Crawl to anything else' - Subterranean Death Cult

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