Events - 2013

3 Acquaintances

Presented by: MUMBLING ME


What do an accountant, a drunk and a real-estate agent have in common? Nothing but a love of travel and fighting crime. Watch the '3 Acquaintances' doing their thing in this quirky 4 man show with 5 parts zany plot, 2 parts improvisation and 1 freshly squeezed earthworm for taste. With Pranam Janney as the real-estate agent who loved too much (money that is), Jarrad Parker as the drunken sot direct from the Hindley Street gutter, Tristrom Cooke as the mild-mannered accountant who wants to change the world, and Justin Dalaya as the moustachioed super villain, whose evil deeds have won him pre-selection for the Liberals in the seat of Kingston. The play showcases the birth of the superhero group known as the "3 Acquaintances", before their rise through the charts to become the world's greatest superhero/mariachi band combo. Come along on their first mission, and get on board before they inevitably sell out. Scripted by Tristrom Cooke. Produced by Tristrom Cooke and Mumbling Me.

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